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Special Announcement

FROM AOPA and the FAA:
More than 14,000 pilots told the FAA their views on a request that would ease the burden of the third class medical. Now, those who missed the July 2 deadline will have a fresh chance to voice their support. The first comment period ended July 2 for a request by AOPA and the Experimental Aircraft Association to allow pilots to fly many common aircraft by completing a medical awareness online course, carrying a driver's license in lieu of a medical certificate, and observing certain limitations. The FAA granted, at the request of both organizations, a new comment period that will give pilots until Sept. 14 to comment on the request. AOPA and EAA had requested a 70-day extension to give more pilots a chance to weigh in on how the request would help keep pilots flying and contribute to the health of general aviation.

Click Here to make your voice heard.

~ Safe Flying ~

May 2012

With summer just around the corner, remember the sun!  Sunshades are a great way to protect your aircraft's interior. Hangered or tied down, sun shades are an easy and economical way to protect everything from seats, carpet and even avionics.

~ Safe Flying ~

April 2012

Please review this FAA Special Airworthiness Information Bulletin (SAIB)

Subject: Aircraft Fuel System;
Topic: Contamination of fuel tank systems

The FAA link for the SAIB is: Regulatory and Guidance Library

~ Safe Flying ~

March 2012

Crowded airspace can be dangerous, but not if you are ready. Airports, MOAs or low level training routes require extra vigilance. Remember, it is the pilots responsibility to See and Avoid!
For some extra help when flight planning, Check out: See and Avoid web site

~ Safe Flying ~

February 2012

Safety is all our business. Check out the FAA safety web site at FAA Safety Team
Plan ahead. Safety is no accident.

~ Safe Flying ~

January 2012

Happy New Year!
Lots of TFR's in Sourthern California this month so stay aware!
How about a great New Year's resolution? Add at least one extra FAA safey seminar to your annual training.

~ Safe Flying ~

December 2011

Happy Holidays from all of us at Able Air!
May you keep the clean side up, the dirty side down, and the pointy part forward.
Make sure to check your fuel tanks for water after every fueling all year round but especially during the rainy season.

~ Safe Flying ~

October 2011

Double check your Aircraft Registrations to see if they are due for Renewal. See "Special Announcement" on our website. Click on Aircraft Re-Registrtation link for more detailed information.

FYI we had a clients whose Aircraft was grounded for one and a half months for failure to comply with FAA re-registration guidelines.

~ Safe Flying ~

September 2011

Winter is coming and cabin heat use will start. Having your cabin C0 detector checked is a good choice as well as checking the heat exchange.

~ Safe Flying ~

August 2011

Hot Summer Sun fades fuel tank Placards. Each tank must have TANK CAPACITY & MINIMUM OCTANE displayed by the fuel cap. Also check fuel cap seals prior to Winter rains.

- Safe Flying -

June 2011

Don't scrimp on your pre-flight! As we get more and more used to the planes we fly, we may get lazy about the preflight inspection. Remember the way you did it as a student? With the Instructor watching? Perform them like that and you'll do just fine.

- Safe Flying -

April 2011

Have you tested your ELT lately? You can test your 121.5 MHz ELTs only during the first five (5) minutes after any hour and you may only activate the ELT for three audible sweeps. If operational tests must be made outside of this period, they should be coordinated with the nearest FAA Control Tower or FSS.

Remember, you can NEVER test your 406 MHz ELT in this manner.

- Blue Skies! -

January 2011

Three basic rules of flying:


As of October 1st, aircraft registrations will begin to expire, and you need to re-register your aircraft! Click here for more information

November 2010

Winter winds are coming, check gust locks, wheel chocks and tie downs - You'll sleep better in the wind.

Happy Holidays from Us.

October 2010

Fall is here. October is Election season too! Be sure to check for TFR's

September 2010

Fall / Winter winds are coming, check control locks & chains.

Is your PITOT tube covered?

Get ready for colder, windy weather. A little prep will save you $$$ and downtime.

April, 2010

Spring is here! Check those Battery Connections & Electrolite.

May 2010

We suggest Cee Bailey See Shades for Summertime Protection of your Aircraft Interior. www.ceebaileys.com

April, 2010

Spring is here! Check those Battery Connections & Electrolite.

January, 2010

Winter is here. Rainy weather is certainly in our future. Make sure to check those fuel caps & seals.

December, 2009

Happy Holidays from Able Air Corporation!

August, 2009

Get Ready for Winter - Check oil grade for colder temps or Pre-heat Engine

July, 2009

Summer is here and we are outside more and more these days. But do you notice that as we age we get a little more creaky in the joints? Softball requires a little more Tylenol and hiking a little more Ben Gay in the old frame? Imagine how it is with our aging aircraft. A little proactive maintenance will save BIG bucks in the future! Have you thought of treating the corrosion in YOUR airframe? We are a CORROSION X center.

June, 2009

Summer is here! Blue and bright clear skies! Great for flying, but it can be tough on the ground. Protect the cabin of your aircraft. Summertime is a good time to install Cee Bailey's Sunshields. See us for details.

May, 2009

This is the season for Bug Blocked PITOT tubes. We suggest PITOT covers to stop a "No Airspeed" takeoff.

April, 2009

Confused about the new Emergency Locator Transmitter requirements? Talk to us about the new 406mhz ELT requirements.

March, 2009

Spring is coming! Dust off that plane and those skills. If you have not flown in awhile, do a VERY careful pre-flight. Be sure you do not have unauthorized passengers, like birds nesting and insects building a home in your pitot tube. Have an instructor look at you, and have us look at your plane.

November 11, 2008

Winter is here! Wet weather is here in Southern California, and that means you need to check the seals on your gas tank caps. Be sure to include a sump check with EVERY preflight.

April 4, 2008

Oops! Please note the correct phone number on the main page. Spring is here! Check the dates for your annual. Maybe a good time to think about corrosion protection. Call us for more information.

February 15, 2008

Remember we are in the rainy season here in SoCal! Be sure to check your sumps thoroughly during preflight. Because of high humidity, this goes for planes that are in hangers as well as tied-down. Drain a little Extra fuel to be really sure. A loss of power on take-off can ruin your whole day.


January 1, 2008

Happy New Year to all from Able Air Corporation. May you have a happy and prosperous new year.


December 10, 2007

Remember, Winter flying is here. Be sure to be prepared. Have you thought about a CorrosionX treatment this year? Give us a call.